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The Terrance Williams Tip Play Was The Fourth Quarter Turning Point

In the worst case of deja vu ever, Jason Witten was asked what he says to one of his teammates in terms of how to console them for a mistake they made.

Last week Witten was asked about what he’ll say to Ryan Switzer, who’s muffed punt arguably cost the Cowboys a win against the Los Angeles Rams. This week? He was asked what he’ll say to Terrance Williams about his tipped pass that resulted in a Green Bay Packers pick-six.

These are errors that are seemingly easily fixable, yet they’ve now happened in back to back weeks for the Cowboys. They’ve both led to losses, home losses, and they send they Cowboys into their bye with their tails between their legs.

Truth be told, Terrance Williams did not have the best game against the Green Bay Packers. People will talk about that tipped pass as the moment the Cowboys lost the game. After all Dallas was leading 24-22 at that point, looking to put together a long drive ending in a touchdown, giving them a two possession lead. That was made impossible.

These are the moments. These are the instances. These are the plays that separate wins from losses and close teams to elite teams. These are the ones you’ll want back, and we’ll all be wanting for the next two weeks.



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