MNF Was Least Watched In History

By Cameron DaSilva

Primetime football games are often some of the most watched programs on television, but that wasn’t the case for Monday night’s NFC South matchup. The high-scoring affair between the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints drew what’s likely to be a record-low in “Monday Night Football” history.

According to Sports Media Watch, the game earned just a 5.7 overnight rating on ESPN. The previous low was a 6.7, which happened on two separate occasions, once in 2007.

The reason behind the low viewership isn’t that Drew Brees and Matt Ryan are boring, or that fans didn’t feel like watching the Saints’ secondary get ripped to shreds yet again. It has to do with the other battle going on at the same time between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
Monday night’s presidential debate, the first of three, drew a whopping 80.9 million viewers in America across the 12 networks that carried it, according to CNN. That doesn’t include those who watched at restaurants or bars, or the people who streamed it live online.

The debate earned a 46.2 overnight rating, which is unprecedented for a broadcast outside of the Super Bowl. By comparison, this year’s Super Bowl averaged a household rating of 49.0.



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