The Cowboys Came Up Smallest In The Biggest Moments Of 2017

Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett, left, and linebacker Sean Lee, right, who is injured watches play from the sideline in the second half of an NFL football game against the Los Angeles Chargers on Thursday, Nov. 23, 2017, in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth)

The whiplash of the Dallas Cowboys losing a must-win game to the Seattle Seahawks this past Sunday is still setting in, and with it comes a lot of looking back at lost opportunities.

Dallas is known for having quite the poor home-field advantage relative to your average NFL team, and the team has done better on the road in recent seasons. When looking at the moments of most importance at AT&T Stadium this past season, it’s hard to say the Cowboys did anything worth being proud of.

There won’t be another Cowboys game at AT&T until 2018, but it might take past that to forget just how short they came up in the building when the situations were most intense. It bears repeating that the Dallas Cowboys failed to score even one touchdown across their two biggest games at home.

That’s pathetic.

When the Philadelphia Eagles came to town, the Cowboys still had an outside shot at winning the division, and they weren’t as on-life-support when it came to the wildcard situation. It was their opportunity to propel themselves, and Jerry Jones even received his Pro Football Hall of Fame ring at halftime. Not only did Dallas not cross the plane, but it was the worst loss ever handed to them in AT&T Stadium’s history.

This past Sunday the season was on the line. It was win or go home, and the Cowboys didn’t even show up to their home. With their best offensive weapon back at their disposal, they were touchdown-less for the second time in five weeks on their own turf.

It’s quite telling that the Cowboys have shown not just an inability to rise to the occasion, but a proclivity to shrink and tower when one is pressed upon them. They not only fail to win the fight Jason Garrett preaches, but they all but run from it altogether.

To not score a touchdown in a game of critical importance is a flagrant enough accomplishment. The 2017 Dallas Cowboys managed to do it twice. It’s hard to be that bad.



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