Brockhouse is now candidate for San Antonio mayor

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — San Antonio city councilman Greg Brockhouse announced Saturday afternoon he is a candidate for mayor of San Antonio.

In his announcement speech, he said the city is currently stuck in neutral, despite the current mayor’s promises to push the city forward.

Among the issues he addressed were property taxes and crime.

Brockhouse criticized Ron Nirenberg for promising 70,000 new jobs within two years, but netting the worst gain in the past decade.

He also criticized the mayor for taking special interest money for his campaign.

“What has Ron Nirenberg’s time as mayor accomplished?  Almost nothing,” the councilman stated at his announcement.

Brockhouse said he will push for more transparency at city hall, lower property taxes, and improve public safety.

Brockhouse sounds like a mayoral candidate



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