Aldon Smith May Be The Dumbest Dude Alive

Aldon Smith may be hearing from the league soon after it appeared he posted a video on Periscope of him smoking a marijuana blunt.

Smith, who signed a two-year deal with the Oakland Raiders in April, has been broadcasting on a Periscope account under the name “Ricky” and an account named “ravenga.” Periscope is a social media service that allows a user to live-broadcast an event and have other users view it.

The Ravenga Periscope account has posted 31 total videos and has 133 followers. One of the videos posted just over two weeks ago is the one receiving a lot of attention. It is called “Fire up session,” it originates from San Francisco, and though it does not include Smith’s face, it sounds like his distinctive voice narrating. His face appears in nearly all the other videos that originate from the Ravenga account.

In the video (which has been posted below), a man and woman have a conversation about firing up what appears to be a marijuana blunt. The woman expresses compunction about live broadcasting the video, while the man seems to indicate no fear about it.

CSN Bay Area transcribed the exchange below:

Female: (Expletive deleted), I’m not (messing) with you.

Male: I don’t give a (care). Ain’t nobody (messing) with us. We’ve got zero followers. Where is the ashtray at?( to audience) This is what you call a fire up session.

Female: (Expletive deleted), you shouldn’t even be posting that.

Male: (coughing) (Expletive deleted), do you see my face?

Female: No, but what if…

Male: They don’t have my name. This is just a fire up session.

Female: So, if you just put it on there…it’s just doing it? It’s live? That’s hella stupid.

Male: Shut up. You hella stupid. You trying to smoke, fam? Is this the ashtray?

Female: Yeah. You ain’t using it no more, right?

Male: I’m using it.

Female: Oh, that’s a (expletive deleted) (inaudible)? Oh, a (inaudible)?

Male: You’re stupid. You’re tripping. (Expletive deleted), they don’t know it’s me. It’s not like I put “Aldon Smith”…

Yes, even Aldon’s name is mentioned at the end.



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