Sergio Dipp Had The Time Of His Life On MNF

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Sergio Dipp stole the show during Monday night’s game between the Broncos and Chargers.


ESPN’s Sergio Dipp made quite the splash on social media following his Monday Night Football debut.

Dipp gave an awkward sideline report in the first quarter of Monday night’s game between the Broncos and Chargers. The reporter was clearly nervous and stumbled through the first part of his in-game segment.

“Folks, it’s a pleasure to be with you guys, here on the field, from up close, just watching Coach Vance Joseph from here, you watch him now on the screen,” Dipp said. “His diversity and his background is helping him a lot tonight. Quarterback at Colorado, defensive back in the NFL, and here he is, having the time of his life this night, making his head coaching debut.”

Viewers watching the game wasted no time in jumping on social media to poke fun at Dipp’s first report and were hoping for more in the future.

Sorry ESPN Radio, Craig Carton’s bust is sort of drama WFAN needs

If ESPN has an ounce of intelligence they’d pick an exact time for another Sergio Dipp appearance, hype it up, and break ratings records

If ESPN doesn’t use Sergio Dipp in the second half they’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Everyone loves a good comeback story.

From now on if someone ask’s were I was on 9/11 im going to need them2 specfy if they mean 2001 or when Amerca was introduced to Sergio Dipp

Dipp handled the moment well and posted a tweet of his own showing he was rolling with the punches. He also later added a video from his hotel room saying he “meant no disrespect” in the broadcast, especially on the evening of 9/11.

“So what I wanted to do was show some respect, making my debut as a minority on American national TV, the biggest show out there, on the most heartfelt day in this great country made up by immigrants and [from] some people’s perspective, it all went wrong,” Dipp said. “Because all I wanted to do was to show some love to these two historical head coaches. Hopefully I’ll have another chance and be sure I make the most out of it.”

Dipp has worked at ESPN since 2013 doing most of his work for ESPN Deportes. The 29-year-old mostly speaks Spanish on social media but was using English during Monday night’s broadcast.




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